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Bodybuilding Lunch Recipes

Often the mid-day meal is something that if one has not prepared for will lead to junk food as you look for something at the last moment. The secret to any bodybuilding success comes from preparation, whether you prepare your meals before you leave home and take it with you or you find a solution that offers you the correct balance of carbs and protein.

If you take a bit of time the evening before in preparing what you are going to be eating tomorrow you will not be forced to rely on easy junk food which is usually fried and will end up just adding fat. This is even more important if you train in the afternoon or evening, as you will need the carbs and protein to get through your workout.

Tuna is always a good quality and tasty protein source, which will add at least 40 to 50 grams of protein to your daily requirement. Obviously you will need to adjust the ingredients depending on what your specific objective is whether you want to lose fat or add muscle and bulk up.

The recipe listed below is going to be about 270 calories that will give you 45 grams of protein, which is something that comes from the high protein packed tuna. Making sure that the mayonnaise that you use is fat free is also very important.

1 can of Canned Light Tuna
1 tbsp Fat-Free Mayonnaise
1/4 cup sliced Onions
1 sliced Pickle
1 whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap
1/2 cup Peppers, Lettuce, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes, if desired
1 Apple
1 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter
1. Mix together the tuna with mayonnaise, onions, and the pickle.
2. Spread over a whole wheat small tortilla wrap and then fill with the chopped vegetables of your preference (mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, etc).
3. Roll up and serve.
4. Have an apple smeared with peanut butter afterward for something sweet and to provide some healthy fats to slow down the digestion of this meal.

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