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What is Reverse Dieting for Bodybuilding?

Over the years a competitive bodybuilder needs to learn how his/her body responds to a calorie deficit and getting ripped for a bodybuilding show. In the old days a competitive bodybuilder would sometimes gain 20 pounds in just the first week after a competition.

But today the average bodybuilder knows that trying to lose 20 or 30 pounds of fat while not losing any muscle for the next bodybuilding contest is extremely difficult. Reverse dieting is the answer for any competitive bodybuilder who wants to gain muscle and keep a low body-fat all year round.

The process of reverse dieting is very simple as it is the sensible adding of calories or carbs as a cheat meal and not a lifestyle change. The addition of a reduction in cardio time after the contest needs to also be considered when adding a cheat meal.

It is based on the simple fact that our body-fat is what it is because of the food we eat every day and not once a week. This cheat-meal or re-feed is something that can be very specifically quantified by considering the decrease in cardio that you are doing.

With the loading up of muscle glycogen after your cheat meal it is recommended by the experts that you train your weakest body-parts following your cheat-meal that you have had the evening before. One would therefore be able to continue to add muscle in the off-season and be able to see the muscle that you have added because of low body-fat.

The cheat-meal or the re-feed that you give yourself once or twice a week can be something that could be very easily calculated by using your BMR and a rough estimate of how many calories you use during your normal day including your workout.

Reverse dieting will change from person to person but generally between 15 and 20 grams of carbohydrates should be added every week to your cheat-meal. Together with the reduction in the amount of cardio done every day this will have a noticeable effect on your energy that you have in your workouts.

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