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Chrysin Review Bodybuilding

Chrysin is another one of those unique elements from an exotic flower with special power to benefit the human body. The chrysin used in nutrition is a naturally occurring flavone. You can also pick this element up from mushrooms, chamomile, and honeycomb. Chrysin benefits the body in several areas.

Studies show that chrysin inhibits COX-2 expression and may contribute to anti-inflammatory effects, making it a good post workout recovery tool (wait until the 2-4 hour time lapse after a workout to take it). Any naturally occurring anti-inflammatory you can use is great. And in addition to being an anti-inflammatory, the chrysin flavonoids are very powerful in that they are protective for the body against cancer, strokes and coronary heart disease.

Of particular interests to the bodybuilder is chrysin's ability to act as an inhibitor of aromatase enzyme activity. Why is that needed? The aromatase inhibition caused by chrysin can block the conversion of androgens into estrogens. The end result of this activity is that there is an increase of testosterone, just what every bodybuilder wants. For building muscle you want that testosterone circulating in your system and chrysin acts to do just that.

Studies conducted by researchers at the University of Inonu, Turkey in Andrologia on animal subjects showed that chrysin intake boosted testosterone levels. The one catch was that a fairly strong dose of chrysin was needed to product the testosterone effect.

What about side effects? In studies reviewing a couple of months of use, no adverse effects have been seen. However, that is for normal doses. If you are planning on using a heavier dose to create a testosterone approach, you will want to ease into it and watch how your body reacts. And if you are taking higher doses, also cut the time you are cycling it, aiming four weeks instead of eight.

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