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What to Eat for Muscle Growth

Eating for muscle mass is not rocket science but it does require the intake of specific elements. Chief of these is protein. More than anything else, your body needs protein. But many guys make the mistake of stopping here, and that isn't enough. Loading up on protein (often with high cost supplements) without the necessary supporting nutrients, just results in very expensive urine.

In order for protein to be fully utilized, you need to have some fat along with it. You don't have to go overboard on the fat, but you should have some healthy fats when you have your protein meals. The egg provides a great example. The egg is one of nature's top foods and it is comprised of a good mix of protein and fat. The egg is not just protein, it is protein plus fat and digestive aids and is a wonderful muscle builder.

The top anabolic food of all is milk, with its insulin growth factor benefits. Yet here too people make the mistake of excluding the fat. They go for skim or super low fat versions of milk and avoid the whole milk. Yet it is the whole milk which produces the most growth. The fat is important for growth! That's why Vince Gironda had those seeking a big growth spurt take half and half (half milk, half cream). For the most anabolic diet of all, fat has to compliment the protein or the protein isn't optimally utilized by the body.

To grow muscle, by all means eat protein, and eat lots of it. But don't eat it bare. Back up your protein intake with a supporting intake of healthy fat. Protein plus fat equals growth.

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