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Female Bodybuilding Diet Plan To Lose Fat

Female bodybuilding is a tough sport and just like male bodybuilding but probably more so is the importance of diet. Eating correctly is the only way that a women bodybuilder is going to show her hard earned muscle. The female bodybuilder has a disadvantage compared to the male bodybuilder.

The disadvantage is that females have a higher body-fat count than men and therefore it is going to be more difficult for a female bodybuilder to get a low body-fat than a male. The diet that she follows needs to be one of two choices.

The first choice is to reduce body-fat by burning fat for energy using a Ketogenic diet, which means low carbs. The second option would be for the lady to choose a calorie restricted diet which would have to be very carefully monitored by measuring total daily expenditure very precisely.

The Ketogenic diet is something that would not risk the loss of precious and very hard earned muscle so it seems like the best option yet it would still require some careful monitoring and would only get better with practice. Female bodybuilders will be dealing with the same stress that males bodybuilders go through when trying to peak at exactly the right time.

An important reason for selecting the Ketogenic diet is because it will allow hard and very intense training weeks before a competition. It does this by allowing a "cheat day" or a carb day where the lady would eat a lot more carbs than normal in order to re-fill her muscle glycogen reserves.

It is when you are only eating protein and fats and that your body starts to produce ketones and you start getting your energy from the breakdown of proteins and fats. However when you are training hard it definitely makes you feel more sluggish and listless and makes training a lot more difficult.

The rest days or carb days during the high protein and high fat days would generally be separated as shown below. However one should also allow for individual flexibility when using this diet so that you can adjust it to your own specific genetic requirements.

5-6 days of low carb.

1-2 days of high carb.

The pre and post workout protein shake would be an important time for the carbs to be added on a low carb day. It should be pointed out that a low carb day is an extremely low carb day as any carbohydrates found in the bloodstream would be slowing down the production of ketones which is what the Ketogenic diet is trying to do.

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