Fish Cake Recipe

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Fish Cakes Recipe Bodybuilding

For this recipe you will need any type of fresh fish you like, salmon, cod, smoked haddock, whatever. Try and buy something smoked as it will add a great flavour to the dish. You will also need some potatoes, breadcrumbs, and onions. That's it!

Step 1:
Bung a pan of water on to boil and then throw in some spuds and cook them until they are really soft.

Step 2:
Hoy all the fish into a red hot oven and cook them off. You don't need to add any oil at all as it doesn't matter if the fish sticks to the tray.

Step 3:
When the spuds are cooked drain off the water, add a splash of milk, salt and pepper to taste, and then mash them all up. Chop up the onions as finely as you can.

Step 4:
When the fish is done scrape it all off the tray and bang it into the pan with the mash along with the onions. Mash it all together and leave to cool. Once cool place the whole mixture in the fridge and leave to go cold.

Step 5:
Stick your hand into the mix and make as many small fish cakes as you can.

Step 6:
Whack the breadcrumbs onto a tray and then coat the fishcakes with the breadcrumbs.

Step 7:
Get some kitchen towel and throw on a small dollop of olive oil and wipe down a tray ready to cook the fish cakes.

Bang a couple of the fish cakes onto the tray and into a red hot oven until golden brown and freeze the rest for later use. Don't forget that the fish cakes are already cooked and so you just need them to heat up and go crispy.

This recipe is so versatile. You can make a few fish cakes like this and then add some curry powder to some of the mix, and then add some fajita herbs and spices to the rest of the mix so that you end up with a variety of flavours.

Make up as many as you can all in one go as you can freeze them and have enough to last months.

Serve with a nice mixed salad and your away.

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