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What Is A Good Bodybuilding Diet

Any really good bodybuilding diet or muscle gaining diet needs a bit of discipline and planning in order to implement it correctly. The basic fundamentals to achieve muscle gain will be briefly examined here so that we know what it takes to get results.

We will call this the five basic pillars of good nutrition and the reason that you will be successful in attempting to add muscle to your frame. It does not make any difference whether you're objective is to get bigger or leaner, or even improve your general health you will need to follow a basic set of core principles that will lay the groundwork required for your diet plan.

1. Try to always eat six times a day

If you are able to eat every two or three hours it will have quite a few positive effects on the way that your body is able to build muscle. Multiple small meals and snacks each day will help you to keep your blood sugar levels as level as possible and your metabolism running at a steady rate which will help to stimulate the production of new muscle.

2. Limit Processed Foods

Basically if it is man-made then it means that it is highly processed and not worth eating. You need to slowly try to remove these high-calorie, nutrient-poor foods from your life and you'll be much more likely to stick to your new way of eating, which should not be called a diet.

3. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is vital for your health and to lose fat. You can also get away with drinking and calorie free beverages but it certainly is not as good when trying to keep your performance in the gym at its peak. You should always try to avoid sugar-laden drinks which will simply fatten your waistline and sabotage your body's antioxidant defense systems. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

4. Eat Lean Protein Throughout The Day

Constantly try to give your body a protein infusion every two or three hours to maximize your muscle growth while also stimulating the release of many different fat-burning hormones. The best sources of protein are lean beef, chicken, as well as fish or turkey plus low fat dairy foods.

5. Be Strategic With Carbohydrates

Carbs come in two different form which are starchy, faster-acting options like rice, bread, and pasta, which will raise your blood sugar quickly or the other more beneficial non-starchy carbs which are fruits, vegetables, and any whole grains, that are higher in fiber and raise your blood sugar gradually.

The timing of when you eat your starchy carbs is an important key to achieving and maintaining a low-fat and muscular body. You should try to always eat them either first thing after you get up in the morning or directly after your workouts. The reason is that your body is more likely to make use of these starchy carbs to help refuel your energy reserves.

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