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Muira Puama Review Bodybuilding

South American herbal medicine muira puama comes from the tree largely unique to the region (found primarily in Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, and Suriname). The main elements used are the bark and roots. The nickname of its plant gives away its benefit range as it is called "potency wood." Really.

Some of the initial studies on this plant that has a lot of unique elements indicated that muira puama was effective in treating "disorders of the nervous system and sexual impotence." Some clinical research has found that muira puama extracts benefit the central nervous system, and act in adaptogenic and antistress manners. A specially-prepared extract from the root of muira puama has been patented for its ability to "relieve physical and mental fatigue".

The powerful capability of muira puama has been known for quite some time, and has historically been employed to boost energy, boost overall health and has been used as a cure for impotency and sexual issues. Indeed, it has the title of "the Viagra of the Amazon". Muira puama is a botanical that has the characteristic of elevating testosterone.

In fact notes that on adverse reactions, "Research reveals little or no information about adverse reactions of muira puama." It is like a safer version of yohimbine, with all the upside and more, and none of the downside attributed to yohimbine.

So besides the obvious benefits and desirability of "the Viagra of the Amazon", muira puama'ís ability to facilitate energy output (antifatigue, etc.) make it a great way to enhance a workout. It also has some post workout benefits, particularly the anti-stress and central nervous system factors. It can also help alleviate joint pain.

Muira puama has some effects that can make it seem similar to caffeine. For instance, muira puama, like caffeine, creates a simulative reaction in the human body that increases the general well-being feeling and elevated alertness. And like caffeine, you can get too much and become over stimulated and hyper as a result.

Muira puama's ability to increase the body's testosterone levels in a natural manner makes it a great choice for building muscle and its various other properties enable it to support the training to build that muscle. Give this unique supplement a shot.

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