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Superfoods for Muscle Mass

Build more muscle and strength by including some of these super foods in your weekly meals.

Cut to the chase - at the top of the food chain for muscle mass is milk. Fitness author Michael Mooney notes "Any endocrinologist will confirm that insulin is more anabolic in the body than testosterone for everything, including muscle growth."

And the number one insulin agent coming from food is milk.

Milk is even more dynamic than egg protein. Milk is the top gun for promoting insulin release in the human body so if you want muscle mass, start with milk.

The second superfood for muscle mass is the simple oyster. Oysters are the food that is richest in zinc. Zinc boosts testosterone, zinc is one of the most growth-producing factors of all minerals, and zinc regulates the blood sugar in the body. If you are looking to spark growth, zinc is where you turn. And nature's best source of zinc is found in the oyster. Use a cooked oyster for best results. Smoked oysters are a particular treat.

Broccoli is a vegetable that many people avoid eating but it has an anti-estrogen effect that in turn promotes testosterone activity. So for muscle gains, broccoli is the top vegetable. Whatever vegetable intake diet you are on, ensure that it contains a lot of broccoli if you want to see your muscles make some good gains.

Butter has gotten a bad rap over the years since it is a saturated fat. Industry churned out margarine in its place, but margarine turned out to be very harmful to the human body. Unfortunately many people bought the lie and abandoned butter. And that's no good because to grow muscle you need some fat. And for growth, there is nothing better than saturated fat. Sure, 60 year old guys who don't exercise don't need much of it, but if you are trying to get some muscle growth going, go ahead and add some butter to your food. Cook your eggs in butter. You won't die instead, you will grow! Butter is a growth booster.

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