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Saw Palmetto Review Bodybuilding

Saw palmetto is a plant which produces a fruit that is used for various medicinal purposes, including its most famous - subduing symptoms from an enlarged prostate and treating prostate infections. So apart from the obvious, why would a bodybuilder be interested in saw palmetto supplementation? Saw palmetto has another effect on the body - it seems to decrease estrogen levels in the human body. The saw palmetto does this by inhibiting the activity of the estrogen receptor in the body.

Estrogen is the female hormone, and the less in your system the better if you are trying to beef up your muscles. Estrogen is the anti-muscle element and suppressing it helps the bodybuilder. The less estrogen, the more testosterone gets to play a major role in running the body, and that makes saw palmetto a valuable commodity. By sweeping away the estrogen the testosterone has a clear field of play to make the muscles grow larger and stronger.

Although the precise mechanisms that saw palmetto stimulate in the body are not yet pinned down, it has been touted as a steroid substitute due to its interaction with testosterone in the body. And the drop in estrogen in the body in relation to saw palmetto intake would also have a similar end result - more muscle.

A couple of other touted benefits of saw palmetto - some research indicates it may help stop hair loss, a big benefit for those who are struggling with going bald. And saw palmetto is an anti-inflammatory, a big help for recovering from hard core workouts.

Some sources suggest taking 300 milligrams a day of saw palmetto on a consistent basis to achieve results.

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