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The Cookie Diet

There are several cookie diets around right now. The most famous cookie diet is Dr. Sanford Siegalís cookie diet, in which dieters eat special "nutritious" cookies whenever they feel hungry and try to stick to 800 calories a day.

If you have ever tried to eat only 800 calories in a day you will see how that diet might be hard to handle.

There are several other takes on the cookie diet around, most of them based on the same principle of eating cookies pumped up with nutritional ingredients in place of regular meals.

Substituting meals with cookies pumped up with vitamins is not a new idea. In fact it has been around for decades. The problem is these types of diets donít work for most people.

First of all nutritious cookies just donít taste as good as regular cookies, and secondly they tend to cost a whole lot more. Even though we long for cookies when we know we canít eat them, when it turns out that all we can eat is cookies, and then only 800 calories worth of them all day long, cookies start to lose their appeal. Now that they are no longer the forbidden food, but everything else is -- guess whatÖ you start to crave everything else and cookies quickly lose their appeal.

Hereís another take on a cookie diet. Develop your own healthy diet. Pack it full of everything you know your body needs. Include generous helpings of fruit and vegetables, pack in some oatmeal and whole wheat bread, and include a little of your favorite fish, some chicken, pasta and yogurt. Every once in a while, fry some fish up in a small amount of olive oil and even include avocados, nuts, and eggs.

Then go out and buy a pack of your favorite cookies. Or your favorite cookie dough (isnít the dough sometimes better than the actual cookies?). And eat a little. Just one or two. Maybe three.

Think of the cookie diet and how it would grow old if all you could eat were cookies.

Use this thought to stop you overindulging.

Cookie eating is fun if it is short and to the point. If you overdo it, it stops being fun and becomes guilt city.

While you savor your two cookies, try to enjoy every crumb, every morsel, and remember that if you ate nothing but cookies all the time you would quickly tire of them.

One of the reasons cookies taste so good is because you donít get to eat them all the time. They are one of the forbidden foods.

Why does a cookie diet sound so good? Because it plays on our imagination to indulge in one of our favorite forbidden foods. But itís not really that cut and dried. Even if we could eat real cookies all day without gaining weight, if cookies were as good for you as broccoli, they would lose their appeal. If they werenít forbidden, they simply wouldnít taste so good.

If it makes you feel better, look up the calorie count in three cookies on the cookie bag label and count it in to your daily allowance. That way you can eliminate the guilt and have your diet and your cookies too!

Who needs a cookie diet? You can eat cookies whenever you want to. Just make sure that when you do, you enjoy every crumb and remember not to overindulge. That really would spoil everything.

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