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Free Weight Lifting Articles

100 Pushups Program How to work up to 100 push ups.

1 Rep Max Calculator Use the calculator to approximately work out what your 1RM is.

20 Rep Breathing Squats I believe many have dumped the use of 20 rep squat training because of refusing to play the mind game that heavy breathing squats require.

3 Day Full Body Workout This program can be used by beginners to build a foundation or by advanced trainers looking for a muscle building change.

4 weeks extreme workout routine Get shredded in just four weeks!

60 / 20 Workout This bodybuilding technique uses two opposite reps systems - low rep sets of 6 combined with high rep training for sets of 20 reps.

Abdominal Training Information An introduction to the basic principles of training the abdominal area, sometimes known as the belly or the abs.

About MuscleNet.com, Your Virtual Gym We have all the features of a "real" gym except weights.

Advanced Bodybuilding Routine This is a typical Advanced Bodybuilding Routine. Each bodypart is to be worked 1 time per week.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest Workout Arnold will always be remembered as a bodybuilder with the best chest in the business.

Arthur Jones High Intensity Training If you are serious about putting hard work in to transforming your body and you have the determination then HIT is the program for you.

Arthur Jones Nautilus Pullover Machine The pullover works as many muscles in the upper body as doing a squat for the lower body!

Back Exercises Weightlifting back exercises for a v-shaped back.

Barrel Lifting Let me first start off by saying saying barrel lifting is a great total body workout.

Beginners Program Beginners weight lifting and bodybuilding program.

Beyond Failure Training Super high intensity bodybuilding training program explained.

Bicep Exercises Step by step bodybuilding bicep exercises.

Big Beyond Belief Review I tryed the Big Beyond Belief Serious Growth 3 Program by Leo Costa Jr.

Bill Pearl Interview Bill Pearl's Workout Strategies (Excerpts from a 1980's Interview).

Bodybuilding and Sport Supplement Guide Are bodybuilding supplements a waste of money?

Bodybuilding Contest Calendars How to find local bodybuilding competitions.

Bodybuilding Fat Loss Diet Tips The only way that you are going to lose fat is by planning correctly.

Bodybuilding Hair Removal Methods There are many ways to get rid of body-hair and some will work better than others.

Bodybuilding History Read all about the history of bodybuilding muscle and fitness.

Bodybuilding Injuries Learn about bodybuilding injury prevention and treatment.

Bodybuilding Questions and Answers Read our free bodybuilding advice FAQ or ask your own question.

Bodybuilding Shopping Online Shopping online when you are looking for supplements and or equipment could save a lot of money.

Christian Bodybuilding This page is dedicated to all christian recreational, amature and professional bodybuilders.

Colorado Experiment A report of a muscle growth experiment conducted at Colorado State University in May of 1973.

Craig Titus Interview If you are unfamiliar with Titus's career as a bodybuilder, read this. He explains everything, from the triumphs and the tragedies.

Creatine Chews Creatine chews review and homemade creatine chews recipe.

Cut Fat without Losing Muscle Cutting fat while retaining the overall muscle mass is quite difficult, but not an impossible thing to do.

Cybergenics Workout An intense, and I really mean really intense workout program.

Cybergenics Quick Trim 14 day weight loss program review.

Dan Duchaine Interview Author of Body Opus and Steroid Handbook II.

Doug Hepburn Deadlift Routine Doug Hepburn was considered one of the strongest men in the world at one time.

Deca Durabolin What is Deca Durabolin and are there any legal alternatives?

DHEA and Bodybuilding Can DHEA cause muscle growth increases?

Doug Hepburn Deadlift Routine Doug Hepburn was considered one of the strongest men in the world at one time.

Drinking Water and Weight Loss Why drinking water really is the key to weight loss.

Effects of Smoking and Alcohol How to they effect bodybuilding results.

Ellington Darden High Intensity Training Is Ellington Darden right or wrong? Is HIT really the best way to train?

Flex Wheeler My encounter with Kenneth "Flex" Wheeler.

Frank Zane Workout and Nutrition A 1977 seminar with bodybuilder Frank Zane.

Free Weightlifting Workouts Do not keep doing the same workout year after year. Try different workouts.

Glossary of Weight Lifting Terms This article is dedicated to those new to the sport who are often confused by weight lifting terms that are used that are unfamiliar to them.

Glutamine Information and Calculator What is Glutamine? How do I measure my Glutamine dosage requirements?

Gustavo Badell Biography Gustavo stands only 5'8" but weighs in on stage at a ripped 240 pounds.

Hamstring Exercises The best exercises to strenghten and build your hamstring muscles.

Hardgainer Workout Another good old fashioned abbreviated hardgainer routine.

High Intensity Training FAQ H.I.T. is a system of training that involves working harder but briefer and less frequently.

Holiday Weight Loss Tips How to avoid holiday weight gain.

Home Gym Design Ideas How to redecorate your garage into a home gym.

Home Workouts for Bodybuilding Working out at home allows you to lift whenever you want.

How to Gain One Pound of Muscle a Week 10 principles to pack on as much as a pound of good quality muscle each week.

How to Gain Strength Here is the secret to making good strength gains.

Insulin and Bodybuilding There are quite a few risks associated with taking this hormone on a regular basis.

Intermediate Workout Intermediate weight lifting and bodybuilding routine.

Jay Cutler Interview Jay is one of the nicest and most down to earth people you will ever meet.

Lee Priest Interview with IFBB pro bodybuilder Lee Priest.

Mike Mentzer Heavy Duty Program While many can argue the methods of HD and HIT, we certainly cannot argue the results of Mentzer.

Mike Mentzer Training Philosophy Effort and High Intensity Training by Mike Mentzer.

Modified Rest Pause Training This routine is definately not for beginners or wussies - it is very intense if done correctly!

Muscle Building and Fat Loss Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time?

Muscle Gallery Male and female bodybuilder pictures.

Nutrition for Bodybuilding Bodybuilding off season nutrition tips.

Olympia Weekend Expo Photos Some of the pictures I took at the Mr. Olympia expo.

Olympic Lifting Routine Here is a great workout program using Olympic lifts.

One Day Muscle Blitz Every professional bodybuilder has made use of blitzing to develop additional muscle mass.

Online Fitness and Muscle Magazine Free muscle and fitness news from around the world.

Online Personal Training Benefits The benefits of using an online personal trainer.

Partial Rep Training Is power factor partial rep training effective?

Paul DeMayo Interview Talking with bodybuilder Paul "Quadzilla" DeMayo.

Periodization Training Learn why periodization works.

Porter Cottrell Interview Chatting with IFBB pro bodybuilder Porter Cottrell.

Positions of Flexion Multi-angular training is where you would use a few different exercises per body part. A lot of people do this wrong.

Powerlifting FAQ This FAQ is for those that have an interest in entering a powerlifting competition.

Power Rep Range Shock Workout Is very specific and is for a three week training cycle.

Puncture Vine Supplement It has been used by athletes who say that it is a very safe and extremely effective way to replace the use of steroids.

Push Pull Supersets Workout A superset is two weight lifting exercises performed back to back with minimal rest between exercises.

Robby Robinson The return of the black prince of bodybuilding.

Setting Workout Goals How to set and achieve your workout goals.

Self Defense Tips Self-defense means you need to defend yourself and all situations are different with different personalities involved.

Shoulders Exercises Bodybuilding exercises for shoulders (deltoids).

Steroid Pros and Cons Positive effects of anabolic steroids and side effects of steroid use.

Supplements to Increase Muscle and Strength What are the recommended supplements for serious bodybuilders?

Single Rep Training Singles training is training a lift for a series of sets of 1 "rep" lifts.

Size and Strength Training How to build strength and muscle size.

Super Slow Motion Workout With this technique you do your reps very, very slowly and deliberately.

Testosterone Training Does weight training increase testosterone levels?

The Truth about Bodybuilding Old school bodybuilding and old time bodybuilding remembered.

Trevor Smith Bodybuilder Trevor Smith first got insipred to start bodybuilding when he saw the movie "Pumping Iron" and by age 33 he stood 6 foot 1 inch and weighed about 412 lbs.

Tribulus Terrestris What is it and what are it's benefits for bodybuilding?

Tricep Exercises What are the best tricep exercises?

Vic Richards Interview Victor Richards is one of biggest and freakiest men ever to compete in the sport.

Vince Gironda Diet The controversial diet of steak and eggs.

Vince Gironda Training Methods His methods included 3 sets of 8, 5 sets of 5, 6 sets of 6, 8 sets of 8 reps, 10 sets of 10, etc.

Volume Training Build muscle with extreme high volume weight training.

Weider System Principles The Weider System has been in existence for fifty years or so, and has grown over the years to incorporate other great training ideas as they came along.

Weightless Workout After a lot of thought, I believe I can make a much better weightless workout.

Weight Lifting Adding Weight When to add weight and how much weight to add to the barbell or dumbbells

Weightlifting for Women More muscle will not make you look big or fat. It will make you look more defined and attractive.

Weightlifting Sites The top weight lifting web sites and weightlifting routines.

Weight Training for Women It's high time you start lifting weights Know few valid reasons.

Why Change Workouts? Changing up your workout routine.

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